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Office Updates around COVID-19

My dear patients, during this difficult time my office and I will continue to provide you and your family with the best care as it has been for many years.

There are some changes:
  1. Appointment Updates
    1. Appointments are available in the office and also via Telehealth. The hours of operation remain the same. To prevent a waiting time and to limit contact with other patients and staff we will call to confirm your appointment and, at the same time, will collect co-pays and balances over the phone. A receipt will be emailed to you.
  2. Office Updates
    1. The office will have 2 wings / 2 doors operated. The Office was closed for 2 Saturdays for thorough cleaning and painting. All toys, magazines are removed. The decor is limited to a few things. 
    2. Regular entrance will work as usual for healthy and mildly ill patients. Back door and exam rooms 7-8 will be assigned to patients with fever and respiratory problems. Please let us know when you arrived.
    3. Yes, we can provide COVID-19 testing if necessary.
  3. Telemedicine
    1. Telemedicine will be provided via HealthLens and ChARM, both are HIPPA compliant and safe.
  4. Medication
    1. For medication refills and general questions please use email "" However, the receptionist can help you also.
  5. After Hours
    1. After hour help is available as always, will be enhanced via email and live operator 
Stay calm, safe and healthy. My best wishes to all of you.
Dr. Stein

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