Have You Had a Computer Vision Assessment?

Many people don’t realize they have an issue with their vision until they get their first pair of corrective lenses and see what they’ve been missing. In fact, more than 11 million Americans are in need of corrective lenses that would help them see clearly. 

You don’t have to be one of them.

Dr. Jennifer Andrews and the caring team at Urban Eye Care are dedicated to helping the men, women, and children of Seattle, Washington, see better and protect their eye health.

As part of our comprehensive line of eye care services, we offer computer vision assessments. This simple, noninvasive screening checks for issues with your vision as well as eye movement disorders. 

Computer vision assessments don’t replace a regular eye exam, but they can help Dr. Andrews determine the cause of your eye and vision troubles more quickly.

Read on to learn more about computer vision assessments and when you or your child could benefit from the exam.

What is a computer vision assessment?

A computer vision assessment is a special type of computerized eye screening. Used alongside a regular eye exam from Dr. Andrews, the computer vision assessment looks for issues with vision, eye movement disorders, and eye-tracking as well as visual acuity. 

For children, teens, and adults with specific symptoms, Dr. Andrews may also use a binocular vision assessment. 

Also done with the use of a computer, a binocular vision test specifically looks for problems with your ability to perceive depth and create a single image from the images received from both eyes, also known as stereopsis. 

Who needs a computer vision assessment?

A computer vision assessment is helpful for patients with the following symptoms:

  • Trouble focusing eyes
  • Trouble tracking movements 
  • Trouble using both eyes at the same time
  • Issues following one line of text
  • Problems with depth perception (tripping or falling, trouble catching things)

If you notice your child has any of these symptoms or if you notice twitching eye movements, lazy eyes, or complaints about blurriness, a computer vision assessment may be a useful tool when used as part of a thorough eye exam. 

What can I expect during a computer vision assessment?

Computer vision assessments are pain-free and noninvasive. You simply sit in front of a computer and watch the screen. Objects move across the screen, and a camera tracks your eye movements. 

Children requiring a computer vision assessment follow the same procedure. The placement of the camera is modified based on the height of your child to ensure an accurate reading.

To learn more about computer vision assessments, contact Urban Eye Care by calling 206-344-2020 or request an appointment online today.

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