See More Clearly in the New Year with an Eye Exam

Seeing clearly is something you may take for granted until it’s gone. Many conditions that affect your long-term ability to see may not drastically affect your visual acuity in early stages. The only way to clearly see your overall eye health is with a comprehensive eye exam.

The American Optometric Association recommends that all adults ages 18-60 get an exam at least every two years. Depending on your prescription and other health issues, you may benefit from yearly (or more frequent) exams.

Dr. Jennifer Andrews and the care team at Urban Eye Care want to help men, women, and children in Seattle, Washington, start off the new year with clear vision and healthy eyes with comprehensive eye exams.

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect and why you should schedule your exam now.

Testing and evaluating your vision

Your vision may change quickly, but more often than not your vision acuity changes slowly. These subtle changes mean you may not notice you’re not seeing as clearly as you used to.

At Urban Eye Care, Dr. Andrews tests your vision for the following vision conditions:

  • Nearsightedness, difficulty seeing objects in the distance
  • Farsightedness, difficulty seeing objects up close
  • Astigmatism, an irregular shape to the cornea or lens
  • Strabismus, the eyes don’t align correctly
  • Amblyopia, the vision in one or both eyes didn’t develop properly

Dr. Andrews also evaluates the clarity of your vision, your peripheral vision, and how well your eyes move and track objects. If you need corrective lenses, our team fits you for glasses or contacts.

Checking eye health

Many eye diseases and conditions don’t have obvious early symptoms. A comprehensive eye exam at Urban Eye Care helps us catch problems early and monitor any changes to ensure you receive effective treatment as soon as possible.

Some eye health issues our team checks for during your exam include:

  • Eye infections
  • Dry eye and chronic red eyes
  • Cataracts (the clouding of the eye’s lens)
  • Glaucoma (abnormal eye pressure that damages the optic nerve)
  • Macular degeneration
  • Retinopathy (retina damage) and retinal detachment
  • Complications from diabetes

Treatment options exist for many of these conditions, and Dr. Andrews helps delay their progression as much as possible, but the first step lies in scheduling your eye exam.

Dr. Andrews also offers pediatric exams for children 6 months and older. In addition to regular eye health checks, Dr. Andrews can help identify vision problems that may affect your child’s ability to engage at school or with sports.

See more clearly in the new year with an eye exam at Urban Eye Care. Call our office or request an appointment online now.

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