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Dry, itchy eyes can be uncomfortable and distracting, especially if you’re having trouble focusing at work or while doing outdoor activities that aggravate your symptoms. Find relief from dry eyes by visiting Seattle-based optometrist Jennifer Andrews OD. Dr. Andrews has been in practice at Urban Eye Care Seattle for more than 25 years and provides reliable treatment and advice to relieve dry eye symptoms and discomfort. To schedule an eye exam and get treatment for dry eyes, call or click to book an appointment online today.

Dry Eyes Q & A

What causes dry eyes?

You can experience dry eyes or dry eye syndrome when your eyes don’t produce enough of the normal lubricating fluid that provides moisture to your eyes. This lubricating fluid is made up of an oily component produced by the meibomian glands in your eyelids, a watery component produced by the lacrimal glands in your tear ducts, and a mucus component produced by goblet cells in the whites of your eyes.

If there is an issue with one or more sources of these lubricating fluids, you can experience dry eye syndrome. Dry eyes become more common with age, especially in adults over 50, and during allergy seasons or dry weather.

Am I at risk of developing dry eyes?

Certain factors may predispose you to develop dry eyes, such as:

  • Computer use, sometimes called computer eye syndrome
  • Contact lens wear
  • Menopause
  • An indoor environment with air conditioning, ceiling fans, or forced air heating systems
  • An outdoor environment that is dry, dusty, or windy
  • Frequent air travel
  • Smoking
  • Certain medications, like antihistamines, birth control pills, and blood pressure lowering drugs
  • Eyelid problems that prevent your eyelids from closing fully
  • Medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid diseases, and lupus

If you’re at risk of developing dry eye syndrome, Dr. Andrews at Urban Eye Care Seattle can provide recommendations to protect your eyes from environmental changes or debris along with prescription or over-the-counter lubricating eye drops to be used as needed.

How are dry eyes diagnosed?

Dr. Andrews performs a specialized eye exam to identify the cause of your dry eyes. She may ask questions about your lifestyle or daily habits as well as the severity of your symptoms. During your exam, she’ll assess the severity of your eye dryness and identify which types of fluids aren’t being produced adequately for your needs.

How are dry eyes treated?

For most people, Dr. Andrews recommends using artificial tears or over-the-counter eye lubricating drops. She may also offer lifestyle suggestions to reduce or prevent dry eye syndrome, such as taking frequent breaks from computer work.

If your symptoms are severe or disrupting your daily life, she may recommend prescription eye drops to address your symptoms. She can also co-manage other medical conditions that contribute to dry eyes by working with your primary care doctor or other medical specialists that you see.

To get relief from dry eyes, schedule a visit at Urban Eye Care Seattle by calling the office or booking online now.